ENEST is a musical artist, producer, singer and flautist. Based in Berlin, originally from Israel, she tours across europe with an electronic solo act, in which she plays Ableton, Keys Vocals and Flute.
Drawing inspiration from a vast musical range: electro to classical music, Jazz, prog and pop, ENEST creates her own personal sound.

Writing all the lyrics and music, and all strings arrangement, ENEST co-produced her debut LP, "My Silent Past", with an electro-acoustic sound, played by some of Israel's best musicians.

ENEST started her musical path playing the flute while living out in a hut the wild for 4 years, exploring music and nature. From there she went on to her BA in composition and jazz, and then to the studio and stage.

The name ENEST is taken from Orson Scott Card's fiction book "Songmaster", that tells the story of a boy with a gift of a songbird, who was a great singer and ambassador of peace and goodness, that could heal a person with a glimpse and inspire powerful leaders with his voice.


"The enchanting multi-instrumentalist ENEST"

Intro Magazine


"This is a performer with a great voice, and presence that you cannot ignore"

Raash Magazine